• New Advances in Extension Research Methodologies

    aesa blog june15Extension is a multi-disciplinary science engaged in solving complex problems in agriculture. With increasing complexities in farming, environment and social system, extension has to achieve multiple development goals ranging from

  • NOTE 1: Innovation Platforms

    inno p sFarmers, agri-business and service providers have to innovate continuously to adapt to an ever-changing environment (including markets, climate and resources). Innovation is about putting ideas that are new to a certain location into practice, and in this way changing the situation of those living

  • NOTE 10: Rural Resource Centres: A Community Approach to Agricultural Extension

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    In a rapidly changing world, farmers need a package of innovations and services, in addition to continuous access to knowledge and information. Having all this under one roof and in a rural setting can greatly accelerate adoption of innovations and increase benefits to farmers.

  • NOTE 14: Community Knowledge Workers for Rural Advisory Services

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    The Community Knowledge Worker CKW system, a type of farmer-to-farmer extension, involves local networks of farmer-to-farmer peers serving as information intermediaries. They use smartphones and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) to reach fellow farmers with

  • NOTE 8: Management Advice for Family Farms to Strengthen entrepreneurial skills

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    In West Africa, during the 1990s, new innovative advisory methods were used that broke with the tradition of top- down public extension focusing on production, and instead helped meet the diversity of producers’ needs by using participatory methods. Management Advice