You are about to register as a participant for the GFRAS Annual Meeting 2019.

Please find further information on the registration and selection process here.

In order to make the registration process as effective as possible, kindly:

  • note you will have to fill the registration form in one go;
  • carefully and truthfully fill the registration form, as we will use this information to prepare the letter of invitation for your visa application process;
  • make sure you have an electronic copy of your actual passport with which you will travel to Jamaica handy, as you will be required to upload it at the last page of the registration;
  • do not use only upper case letters when filling out the fields;
  • note that you will receive an email confirmation of the submission of your registration. If you do not receive this email in the coming minutes, please check your spam folder and contact the webmaster.
  • participants requesting sponsorship are kindly requested to upload, in the specific field and in one combined file, a CV and a motivation letter.

Please check the Annual Meeting website for more information on costs and logistics. The registration shall not take you more than 10-15 minutes (depending on your internet connectivity).


Meeting attendance
Kindly see the registration fees and payment conditions.

+ + + Registration will remain open until July 14. + + +
You are about to apply for sponsorship from GFRAS to attend the 9th GFRAS Annual Meeting. Note that GFRAS only sponsors maximum 15 people (1 from each regional network). Your application will be sighted by GFRAS regional focal points and the GFRAS Annual Meeting organising committee, who will decide based on pre-defined selection criteria.

To continue, please agree that you have taken note of the pre-conditions and requirements to apply for sponsorship.
... a brief (max. 1500 characters, incl. blanks) description of  • your motivation to attend the meeting in regards to your work-related activities in rural advisory services
  • your relation to GFRAS
  • your relation to (sub-) regional networks on rural advisory services
  • your plans on how to use outputs of the meeting in your work, in GFRAS, in (sub-) region-al, and in national RAS networks
You will be asked at the end of this form to upload the document.
Personal information

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Information about your work
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Logistical information
In order to speed up the visa and invitation letter issuance process after confirmation of your participation and for security reasons during the field trip, please attach a copy of your passport you will travel with. All passport copies will be destroyed after the meeting.

Please name the file of your passport copy with your first and last name (max size 3MB). Select a file on your computer with the button below. The file will be uploaded once to click the submit button to transmit your entire registration.
Once the registration is completed successfully you will receive an email confirming your submission. If you do not get this email please check in your spam folder. Or contact
All data gathered in this form serve solely to facilitate your participation at the GFRAS Annual Meeting 2019 and help ensure a successful event. The data will not be for other purposes you didn't consent to nor given to third parties other then RADA, the Jamaican host of the meeting. All data will be deleted permanently after the meeting.