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Meeting attendance
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General meeting days

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Thematic component:
Addressing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities: Developing Effective Partnerships in RAS
Field Trips (see below)
Functional component: Strengthening Capacities of RAS Networks for Effective Partnerships and Policy Dialogue

Field trips

Kindly prioritise the field trips below according to your preferences, by selecting 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority). We will confirm which field trip you have been assigned to prior to the meeting based on this prioritisation. 



The Rural Development Administration (RDA) at the national level, Agricultural Research and Extension Services at the provincial level and agricultural extension center at the city/ county level will be visited to learn about how the government leads the research-extension system for dissemination of advanced technology. The organisational role and performance in extension and research in RDA and local agricultural extension services will be introduced.
The training program for fostering rural youth and encouraging them to engage in agriculture will be introduced through field visit to Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries and visit to successful rural youth’s farm producing traditional snacks and breeding livestock.
This course includes a visit to smart-farming research and test-bed using ICT in RDA and outstanding smart-farm. Also, the fourth industrial revolution such as ICT application case in farming and development plan of smart-farming will be showcased.
The training program for fostering rural youth and encouraging them to engage in agriculture will be introduced through field visit to Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries and visit to successful rural youth’s farm producing traditional snacks and breeding livestock.
Visit to the farmer’s study group and Korea Extension Specialist’s group that are operating self-learning activity for farmer and extension worker. The various studies on income generating model of farmer’s group and organizational characteristics will be discussed. Also, the activity of Korean Rural Leaders Central Association, Rural Women Leader’s Federation and 4-H and organizational character, project, and role of National Agricultural Cooperative Federation will be introduced.|

Social Programme

Please mark which of the following optional social program activities you will wish to attend (see Agenda). 


Logistical information
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