GFRAS-graphic IIIs today's extension agent a superwoman (or superman)?!

Extension and advisory services (EAS) are expected to do everything now from organise farmer groups to teach on nutrition and health. In today's changing and complex world, what is the role of EAS? And what capabilities are needed to equip EAS to play their role in reducing hunger and poverty worldwide? 

The new extensionist is a global view of extension and advisory services (EAS) that reinvents and clearly articulates the role of EAS in the rapidly-changing rural context. It argues for an expanded role for EAS within agricultural innovation systems (AIS) and development of new capacities at different levels to play this role.

The AIS approach focuses on interactions among the wide range of actors critical for innovation, and the institutions and policies that influence these interactions. EAS include actors from public, private, and civil society sectors who support rural communities in many ways. EAS is an important actor within AIS and plays a major role in enabling innovation.

What is new is not necessarily the competencies needed by individuals, but the expanded role of EAS envisaged here and the focus on organizational and system level capacities. The new extensionist vision implies changes in EAS organisations, systems, and enabling environments, plus reskilling all types of individuals to better contribute to increasing the productivity and effectiveness of agricultural systems to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. 

A postion paper has been elaborated for the GCARD2 meeting in October 2012 and is currently discussed on the regional level.

icon pdf The 'New Extensionist': Roles, Strategies, and Capacities to Strengthen Extension and Advisory Services
Position Paper  (pdf 717KB)

icon pdf The 'New Extensionist': Roles, Strategies, and Capacities to Strengthen Extension and Advisory Services
Summary  (pdf 213KB) in Arabic (pdf 547KB)

icon pdf The New Extensionist: Core Competencies for Individuals, GFRAS Brief #3(pdf 406KB)

icon ppt The 'New Extensionist': A ppt presentation (pptx 1.9MB)

icon ppt El Nuevo Extensionista (ppt 788KB)

icon pdf The New Extensionist Flyer (pdf 81KB)

icon pdf GFRAS Consortium Extension Education and Training  (pdf 183KB) 
The Consortium on Extension Education and Training  is a platform for academia in universities and other training institutions, researchers in the field of extension, and/or service providers to various clientele along the agriculture value chain and in need of forms of support in rural livelihoods and wellbeing. 



Rasheed Sulaiman explains the 'New Extensionist' on YouTube

Workshop Pretoria March 2013

icon pdf Short brief outcomes Pretoria (pdf 141KB)

icon pdf New Extensionist Workshop Report Pretoria March2013 (pdf 941KB)

icon ppt Universities' Consortium on Extension and Advisory Services (ppt 1.4MB)

E-discussion March 2013

icon pdf Final e-discussion report (pdf 484KB)

icon pdf Regional e-discussions summary (pdf 512KB)

icon pdf E-discussion summary at the end of week 2 (pdf 286KB)

icon target Read the comments and proposals from the e-discussion in 2013

E-discussion September 2012

icon pdf 2 page summary of the position paper (pdf 55KB) that was the starting point for the e-discussion. This document has been revised since.

icon pdf Survey and e-discussion report (pdf 1MB)

icon target Read the comments and proposals from the e-discussion in 2012 

GCARD2 Session C3.2 Innovative Knowledge and Advisory Services

icon pdf Briefing for Sub-session C.3.2: Making Use of Knowledge and Advisory Systems (pdf 219KB)

icon pdf Report on the GCARD Sub-session C.3.2 (pdf 269KB)


icon pdf Introduction (pdf 1.2MB)

icon pdf Overview: The New Extensionist (pdf 830KB)

icon pdf Strengthening Capacity of National Agricultural Advisory Services Multi-stakeholder Platforms: The AFAAS Country Fora (pdf 1.2MB)

icon pdf Strengthening regional capacity for joint action in Research, Extension and Innovation (pdf 291KB)

icon pdf Strengthening Global Capacities for Effective Knowledge and Advisory Services (pdf 5.1MB)


icon pdf Capacity Examples at National and Inter-regional Level (pdf 19.2MB)


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